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I made my first embroidery kit, called DC Has My Heart, in winter of 2020. Since then I've made several small-batch beginners embroidery kits that have sold nationwide and have been featured in the DCist and the Washington Post.


I design my kits so they can be completed within a few hours -- long before anyone loses interest! I want you to end up with something can learn from and are proud of with as little frustration as possible.

This is a one woman show. All of my kits are designed by me, assembled by me, and are shipped my me.



Embroidery is a rewarding way to spend your "me" time, but it's also a fun way to unwind with friends, family, and coworkers. I lead both private and corporate classes from groups of friends as small as 5 people to departments of colleagues as large as 50 people.

My approach to teaching is to create a supportive environment. Mistakes happen and I don't expect anyone to be an embroidery genius. This is meant to be a relaxing experience! I'm just here to teach you a bit about embroidery and how to stitch while you chat with friends, family, and coworkers, and help you with your stitches along the way.

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