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I’m Nichole, creator and founder of The Other Cat blog and shop. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but call Washington, D.C., my home. My mother, a woman who bedazzled pretty much everything, encouraged creative expression through arts and crafts. She was the DIY Queen. She taught me how to sew, embroider, and crotchet; and supported all of my creative curiosities. She refused to buy me a Barbie Dream House, but agreed to buy all of the supplies needed to design and build my own from scratch (and I did, complete with an elevator). In any moment when I’m building, painting, embroidering, crafting, or drawing — I’m at peace. It’s my opportunity for meditation, my stress relief, my happy place — and I’m excited to share it all with you!


There’s a story behind the name “The Other Cat”. When you have two cats, there is always “the cat.” The pretty, fluffy, majestic one who seems to have herself together. Visitors to my home gush over her beautiful coat and graceful strut. Then there is “the other cat.” The afterthought. The “I love your cat! Oh, but, where’s the other cat?” She doesn’t seem like anything special, but she is. She’s the one who spies on you stitching, snacks on your thread, catnaps on your fabric, and in the process, steals your heart. Dedicated to Selma, my whiskered underrated studio companion, “The Other Cat” showcases the happy whims of my crafty mind.

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